My Recordings/MP3's

Yeaaa! recordings are back! If you want something different then what you've found here, please drop Me a line and I'll see what I can do!

MP3' are now here!

Recordings                                              MP3's

My hand...your cock                            - MP3-$10.00

Do you want to be My cumslut?           -MP3 - $10.00

 Small cock humiliation                        -MP3 - $7.50

Hello Cuck!                                         -MP3 - $12.00

 Look what I brought home cuck!        -MP3 - $12.00
 Are you a panty perv?                        -MP3 - $5.00

 Cum with Me                                       -MP3 - $5.00

 Would you like a handjob?                -MP3 - $10.00

 So you want to JO do you?               -MP3 - $10.00


Just a little taste of Me       This is just a recording (3 mins)